23 April 2015

Back to the Marais and Aux Désirs de Manon

It was another warm day in Paris, mid-twenties and sunshine and perfect for a picnic along the Seine.

After coffee we took the bus to the centre of Paris and walked to the Marais. The Marais is an old and beautiful district of Paris, with a significant Jewish community, and a growing gay presence too. It was also our home for the time we spent in Paris five years ago.

We found our old apartment building, and laughed about what was possibly the smallest apartment in all of Paris; it's the narrow building on the left and we were on the 5th floor. There was no elevator.

A short walk down the street led to one of the finest boulangeries in the city.

Close to Saint-Paul metro station, Aux Désirs de Manon is a wonderful bakery. Established in 2004, it has become a favourite for people in the Marais, and beyond. Five years ago the queue started outside the door, and it was the same again this day.

We bought panini and some treats, made our way down the street to a local market to buy a bottle of wine and finally down some of the Marais' narrow streets to the Seine and our picnic.

And so, our afternoon was spent watching the river traffic and the sun move across the sky. It was hot, we had a spot on the grass and the pastries were excellent.

Later, we found our No. 81 Bus and made our way home to the 18ieme.  

Photos by Jim Murray. Copyright 2015.

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